The Joker: A Referendum on America’s Treatment of the Mentaly Ill.

I could not wait to see this one. While I am a little sick of Super Hero movies I have always loved the Joker and thought this looked like an interesting take on his story. No Superpowers, No Heros, just a villains journey into madness. And while part of me questioned if this was the best time to make a movie where a mentally I’ll person becomes a spree killer, I think they handled it well in the end. His mental illness was never the cause of his violence, but a symptom of his life and the society he was subjected to.

Though really before discussing The Joker the movie, we really must discuss The Joker the hype! First it began with my colleagues and the news speculating on violence at the theaters because of what happened in Colorado. My brother lives there at the time. What a frightening incident for so many people. I remember being so terrified while trying desperately to find out if my brother was ok.

But to say the same thing would happen here was insane. That incident had nothing to do with the movie and everything to do with the individual who was very I’ll and for part of his illness he had a fixation on Heath Ledger’s Joker.

Irregardless, there was still a cop sitting out side in the hall at my theater kicking out young children who got too loud, but otherwise having a very boring day. Nothing but hype to sell tickets.

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