Over the 80s, WW84 disappoints

Let me begin by saying it is with a heavy heart that I report I did not like WW84. For I love all things Wonder Woman. I have t-shirs, key chains, sun glasses, legos, comics, the complete show, movies, cups, purses, etc. My first underroos as a child were even, you guessed it, Wonder Woman. I love her ideals, truth and justice, and have lived my life by them. Though I strayed to Cat Woman in my teen years, WW has stayed in my heart and soul. Even with my daughter truth is key. Ism always honest with her a d a lie is the only real thing she gets in trouble for. (Wonder Woman)

So in all honesty I did not like most of this movie. I spent the first two thirds of it bored and the last third wishing for less CGI. (Plastic people do not look good. You could tell EVERYTIME!) I was so bored I even paused the movie and went shopping for a bit. I just couldn’t care. Then had to force myself to finish.

What did I like about the movie? Kristen Wig was amazing as cheetah. Though cheetahs design was only ok. She was mousy and vulnerable in the beginning. With just enough humor. Then she slowly becomes more and more feral and her transformation is perfect. I would be hard pressed to give up that power too, but she was never completely powerless. Which was a fantastic twist which I loved.

The 80s fashion show also got a giggle. Thank you Chris Pine for doing what so many women have done in. Countless movie beyond time. I loved it.

Gal Gadot is an excellent actress and physically she can handle stunt work. So why was the movie so CGI heavy? What was with the over use of playdough people covering my screen? It was unacceptable and took you right out of every action scene. And using the damn rope to fly bothers me SO much, I cant even! I know they explain it in the first movie, but they go heavy with it here.

The villain Maxwell Lord, acted well by Pedro Pascal, was such used car sales man it was unbelieveable he’d pose a threat at all. He was too vulnerable and the ending predictable by a mile. The moment you meet his son and see them interact you know all you need to know.

The Chris Pine story line, though sweet was like rehashing the last movie. We get it, she will only ever love one man. She’s not virginal, just unobtainable and out of batman’s league. Thank god! As a major crier at movies, I did not even tear up here. The story just did not land.

Over all if you have HBO MAX, watch if you want it cost nothing. If not, wait till you can stream for free!

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