Butt Boy: Sodomy is the monster?

Butt Boy is the most incredibly kink shaming horror movie. I cannot believe it was made in 2019. Have we not yet moved beyond sex equals murder. I’ve never been more offended by a movie. Seriously! Sodomy is the portal to purgatory, not even a clever metaphor? Do better, move past making pleasure in sodomy the sign of a monster!

So obviously as you can tell I did not like the premise of this movie. It was a child’s joke taken to the extreme and sexualized. And I could lecture more why I felt this was low hanging fruit or why we need to do better. But instead I want to discuss the few things I did like.

Tyler Rice’s performance was fantastic. He was agonizingly broken, greasy and yet vulnerable. I wanted to know his story, I cared about his character. While I could care less about the wife or even the main character. The supporting cast was colorful. The styling of the set and cinematography were truly well done. The final chapter was just the right level of disgusting. I was nauseated by the foley work (Zach Landreneau), even as set design was not from a grand studio budget. The beauty of William Morean’s cinnamotogrphy makes up for the movies uneven pace and I am sure we will see Tyler Rice and Tyler Cornack again. Over all if you can get past the concept it is a fair movie. It’s like watching a movie while holding your nose. Something I just don’t want to do.

Butt Boy 2020

Directed by Tyler Cornack

Staring Tyler Cornack, Tyler Rice, Angela Jones